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This project is a book work-in-progress entitled Caustic Spring: Mapping Pesticide-Related Pathologies in Minnesota, a collection of republished scientific articles authored or co-authored by Dr. Vincent Garry, Professor Emeritus of Toxicology and Medical Pathology (University of Minnesota) with commentary by Dr. Jacquelyn Zita.

The project is coordinated by Jacquelyn Zita, who with the help of Vincent Garry is crafting a book that will help make intelligible to the lay reader the content and significance of Dr. Garry's life work researching the effects on pesticides on human health from the manifestation of disease to the chromosomal breakage correlated with pesticide use in Minnesota. The book is designed to explore scientific method, research design, statistical methods of analysis, guidelines for scientific interpretation of findings, etc. and give to lay readers guidelines for reading scientific literature and an understanding of basic concepts in philosophy of science and environmental justice. The book will demonstrate scientifically how pesticide pollution is an assault on rural people and rural communities with a focus on rural agricultural environmental justice. This project is supported by the Scholars-Under-Fire Program and is scheduled to be one of the milestones in the Eco(A)Ware Project. Projected date for completion of manuscript: December, 2007. The Scholars Under Fire Project is partially funded by a grant from the Bush Foundation.

PHOTO: Dr. Garry at work in the fields of Minnesota.